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Be Aware Of Forex News Coming out


When trading Forex, it is really important to be aware of Forex news coming out which may affect your trade.

A great example of this happened this morning.

The EUR AUD had broken a support and the 4 Hr bar had closed below it.

Forex EURAUD Four Hour Chart Before News

But when I checked the news I could see AUD employment data coming out.

Forex News example - EUR AUD before Forex news released

When the news came out the Australian employment figures were much worse than expected, Forex News example - EUR AUD after Forex news released

… and hey presto, looking at the 1 minute bar at 02:30 on MT4 (which is actually 00:30 UK time when the news was released), there was a massive spike north which would have hit my stop had I taken the trade.

Forex EUR AUD One Minute Chart

4 Hour Chart – Spike would have hit my top:

Forex EUR AUD Four Hour Chart After News

So being aware of what news was coming out, and having the discipline not take the trade because of it, I saved myself having a losing trade.

The calendar I have used above is on Forex Factory.

All resources I am using are listed on my resources page.

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