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Book Review – “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson

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I’ve read a lot of self-development books over the years, and this one is not another “how to” book, but rather a philosophy to use in your life daily.

Its’ premise is that the difference between successful and non-successful people is not because successful people are necessarily massively motivated and dynamic, but rather every day they make small positive decisions to take small positive actions, which on a day by day basis make almost no difference, but over a long period of time make all the difference.

These small positive decisions and actions are easy to do by anyone, but the reason most people don’t is that they are also easy not to do.

This really resonates with me. I know I don’t have the time or energy to change the world overnight, but by continually improving my small decisions and actions I know I can continually grow my business and change my life for the better.

So the Slight Edge philosophy is about creating small easy to do habits that accumulate to massive results over time. If you want to lose weight could you start running 4 miles a day? That would be really hard to keep up even if you could motivate yourself to start doing this. But could you start to use the stairs at work instead of taking the lift? If that is too hard, could you get out of the lift one floor earlier? Then when that becomes an easy habit, could you get out two floors earlier, etc?

Easy to do simple habits that make no difference on a day to day basis, but over time they make all the difference.

Another message is to have faith that your actions are leading you towards your destination. You need faith as there is no feedback that you are doing the right thing until you actually have a result further down the line.

For me, this is definitely a must read.

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