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Fotis Trading Academy Review – How I Took My Forex Trading To A New Level

In this video I review the Fotis Trading Academy membership site. This is the main way I am learning to become a better Forex trader, through seeing what a professional trader is doing week in week out, including how he does his macro economic analysis to decide which markets to trade, and then how he uses technicals to then decide the entry and exit points of those markets.

For everyone who wants to improve their Forex trading results, I really recommend you join the Fotis Trading Academy and try it for yourself.

This site has been key for me to developing as a Forex trader. I have been a member less than a year, and although I am not making money every month I have gone from losing money every month to having profitable months, my best so far has been making 7.9%, and this is a year when it is hard to trade because of lack of direction from central banks. Hedge funds have been closing.
The first time I tried to learn how to trade Forex a few ago I spent hours learning new systems or developing my own, and after two years of trying I had lost my whole account and had given up, thinking Forex trading is a game just for professionals. I was trading purely technically.

At the end of 2015 I joined Fotis Trading Academy (I can’t even remember how I found it now as I was no longer interested in Forex trading). This got me interested in Forex trading again because this allowed me to see how professional Forex traders were making their money, and the key thing, it made me believe that it is possible for a non-professional to learn.

I am a firm believer of if you want to become successful at anything, learn from people who are already successful at it.

The site consists of training courses, for example how to use Options (not binary options), and technical analysis, and some exact systems you can use e.g. the M2 method.

There is also a Forum to share ideas and get advice.

The key part of Fotis Trading Academy for me though is the webinars three times a week (all of which are recorded so you don’t have to attend live) where you get to see a professional trading doing his macro-economic analysis for the week ahead to decide which markets he is interested in, and then how he is using technicals to decide his entry and exit points. Don’t be put off if this sounds complicated, he makes it very simple to understand.

I am really grateful for them creating this site as I doubt I could ever become reliably successful on my own.

I recommend you try Fotis Trading Academy for yourself.

I wish you all the best on your Forex trading journey.

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David Summer, father of three, living in the UK.

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