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May 2016 First Two Weeks Income Forex Trading

My Forex trading income for the first two weeks in May.

For my closed trades I am down 2.4%, but have two open trades with stops above entry points so they are in guaranteed profit.

My focus this month has been
– Long GBP and USD (the best of a bad lot)
– Short emerging markets / AUD
– Short FTSE 100 / S&P 500

With the continued expected volatility I am finding it hard to stay on any trend for long.

My USD trades all rely on current sentiment as to when the Fed will raise interest rates. With recent better than expected US news (e.g. retail sales on Friday 13th May) and Oil rising, the chances of a June hike are rising, hence why recent USD strength. But any negative US or global growth data could change that.

About the Author
David Summer, father of three, living in the UK.

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