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December 2016

6 | 0%-1.393718

6 trades, 3 losing, 2 break even, 1 still open (long USD JPY)

A fairly quiet month because of Christmas and me not trusting the Trump rally so being very cautious.

Again not one win, but I am pleased with my discipline of waiting for trades I feel are high probability. But into 2017 the volatility is likely to continue so I need to get even better at this.

I have now been FX trading for a year, and adding up all my % returns I am down 3.3% for the year. My best month I made 7.9%, my worst month I lost 5.5%. This is a much better performance than the last time I tried to trade Forex, and I feel in control and confident I am in this for the long term. And because of my risk management I know I will not repeat what I did last time I tried, blowing up my account in a short space of time through frustration.

November 2016

6 | 0%-2.03771

6 trades, 4 losing, 1 break even, 1 still open (short USD AUD)

So a win ratio which doesn’t get worse (0%). It has been an interesting month because of the US election, hence I have avoided the volatility most of the time. The markets are reflecting a lot of politics rather than just economics which does make it hard to trade. But my virtual mentor is making money so I know it is possible. one positive from this month, I haven’t been over trading.

So to next month (December), will the Fed raise interest rates as expected, will the Trump rally continue, will the latest OPEC deal prove to be worthless …

November 2016

19 | 16%-5.03873

19 trades, 14 losing, 2 break even, so only three winning trades, one of which is still open (long USD JPY)

So still a terrible win rate (16%). But despite this I am actually fairly pleased with my trading. I have done some trades which almost did very well but I have made three mistakes. 1) Making my stops too tight. 2) Raising my stops too soon. 3) not sticking to my plan with open trades. An example of this was when I shorted the GBP USD, and after about 12 hours of going sideways I closed the trade which the GBP USD took as a trigger to fall through the floor.

Next month will be interesting due to the US election and the approach of the Fed’s December rate meeting when it is expected to raise interest rates.

September 2016

15 | 13%0


15 trades, 8 losing, 5 break even, so only two winning trades.

So a terrible win rate (13%), so this is what I need to focus on, i.e. stop taking trades unless I understand why they are high probability trades.

This is a great example of the importance of risk management and as my virtual mentors are always saying “it is not important how often you are right or wrong, what is important is how much money you make when you are right and how much you lose when you are wrong”. If I had had another single win I would have made money.

August 2016



My first profitable month since March. I have also been away a lot (holiday season) which may also be a factor, i.e. helping me to not over trade.

I took 7 trades, won on two (total 3.1%), broke even on two, and lost on 3. One of my trades, being long on USD PLN is still open.

July 2016



After Brexit, I was finally seeing some decent setups, yet very little worked for me.

I took 13 trades, won one (1.9%), broke even on one, and lost on 11, ending month down -3.8%

This has been my worse month so far (excluding my Gold volume mistake in May). I do feel I am over trading, hence I will be reviewing all my trades for the year to try to see what I am doing right and doing wrong.

June 2016



Because of Brexit, this has been a very volatile month with a big period where i haven’t been willing to trade

I took only 3 new trades this month, winning on one, and losing on 2, overall losing 0.8%. My open trade from last month got stopped out 0.5% below where it was at start of month, so for the month I am down 1.3%

May 2016



Starting balance $4480 as I added more funds. End balance of $4224, including an open trade, hence down 5.5%

I made a mistake on a gold trade, the first time I have traded gold and got my volume wrong. An hour after opening the trade I noticed I was down $206, hence I closed it immediately, losing 4.6%. Without the gold trade I would be down 0.9%.

This has been another month where I am struggling to stay in any trade long enough for any decent returns (4%+). I have one trade open being long USD PLN, opened on the 18th and currently up 1.5%

April 2016



Starting balance $3068 as I added another $1422. End balance of $3020, hence am down -1.44%.

15 trades, 3 wins, 3 break evens, 9 losers. I have been wrong most of the time this month, but because of my risk management I am down only 1.44%.

March 2016



Starting balance $1515, end balance $1645.

I am up 7.9%

February 2016FX Live7.4


Starting balance $1414. End Balance $1515. I made 6 trades, first four losing 2.5%, then last two I still have open, currently up 9.4%.

I have stopped tracking my demo accounts. I don’t use my FX demo account any more, and my options trading in my options demo account is a disaster, hence until I work out what I am doing I don’t think it is of interest to anyone.