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2017 Income

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Jan 20178 | 25%-2.293609It’s been an interesting start to the year, with massive unknowns like Trump and Brexit. I struggled to find any markets i liked and hence did very little all month. I did like the safe haven aspect of Gold and got two great entries, but my third entry was just after a double top and before a big fall, so made very little. I am still looking for another gold entry though as am expecting the Trump trade not to last and we’ll be in a risk off environment at some point soon.

I made 8 trades, won on 2 (both gold), and ended down $85 (-2.29%). I was down just over one percent, and then made two very rash trades on the 30th which quickly crashed and burned after yet another Trump tweet.

Feb 20176 | 0%-2.223526Wow that month went fast.

I made 6 trades, won on 0. With lack of direction from Trump, my 5 trades involving the USD or Gold were very volatile. The only positive I can take from this month is I have been patient and not over traded again. Going forward nothing is going to change any time soon, markets will be moving because of sentiment and politics rather than economics. I need to be even more selective, be very clear on my fundamental reasons for taking each trade, and then make sure the current sentiment and price area is appropriate before taking the trade.

Mar 201710 | 20%-2.0345010 trades, won on 2. So this year so far I am consistently doing badly and need to change what I am doing. Rapidly changing short term sentiment is making trends short lived in most cases. An example of this is when I shorted the GBP USD following the official triggering of Brexit, which went well for a day and I lowered my stop to break even, and then got stopped when the price rebounded the following day. What should I have done differently, be more aware of areas of resistance and take some or all profits in those areas, so needing to be in trades for a much shorter timescale than I am currently trying. One issue with this which I am currently wrestling with is that smaller pip targets means I need a smaller stop to achieve at least a 3 : 1 risk reward.

I also need to be viewing what related markets are doing just before I pull the trigger, which I am not always doing. E.g. if I want to long the USD, a red flag to stop me should be US treasury yields falling.


Apr 201710 | 10%-3.0335010 trades, won 1, break even 3, lost 6.
May 20175 | 20%0.633715 trades, won 1, break even 1, lost 3.
June 20178 | 0%-2.62539Balance switched to GBP as have moved brokers.

8 trades, 5 losers, 3 break even, 0 winners (ouch). So down 2.6% for the month.

July 201713 | 15%-2.4252713 trades, 2 winners, 4 break even, 7 losers. Down 2.4%
Aug 20171 | 0%-0.52514Slow month with holidays. Just one losing trade the whole month.

Switching my focus to much shorter term.

Sep 20179 | 11%-1.424239 trades, 1 winner of 1.5%, 1 break even, 7 losers.