Making Money Online Blueprints

The following sites / platforms / training are the ones I am currently using, or have used in the past: 

See What Professional Forex Traders Are Actually Doing and Why

Macro Economics and Technical Training Trading AcademyI can’t recommend this site enough, and attribute my current success to it. Watch a professional trader explain his macro economic analysis once / twice a week to understand why market prices are moving the way they are, and what they are likely to do in the future, and then watch the resulting trades he placed, and the technical analysis used to decide entries and exists. $99 a month.
Technical Training Forex MentorTechnical training, plus twice a week videos on what professional traders are planning and what they actually execute. $1 14 day trial, then $47 / month. I find seeing how professional traders are analysing the markets and executing their trades, week in week out, invaluable.



SiteNotes watch at least once a day, looking for any news which represents a change in Macro economics or sentiment great news site which I also view at least once a day for the same reasons


Calendar – See What Market Moving Events Are Coming Up

forexfactory.comYou can see the events for the week ahead that may impact each currency, and see the data updated as it happens 


Trading Platforms

 FX Practise and Live Platforms fxpro

 Can create as many practise accounts as you want. Easy to use, and install MT4 platform.

 Options Practise Account optionsreasyVery easy to use. I also love how you can see the graphs with break even points etc, and all the greek figures